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The Swap'n Shop is the only merchant that uses Copper as currency. All decorative items this merchant sells are -Home Owner Restricted- (Sticky). The items for sale in this shop are unique to this merchant, with the exception of Gambler's Den that has the rare chance of rewarding these items. Swap 'n Shop

Cost (Copper) Selection Notes
15 Web Left Side
17 Web Middle
20 Web Right Side
29 Skull
59 Altar
Cost (Copper) Selection Notes
85 Torch Wall Decoration
150 Fountain
Cost (Copper) Selection Notes
170 Mushroom Seat
170 Mushroom Right Seat Facing Right
170 Mushroom Left Seat Facing Left
190 Sitting Rock Right Seat Facing Right
190 Sitting Rock Left Seat Facing Left
215 Stool
215 Stool Right Seat Facing Right
215 Stool Left Seat Facing Left
245 Chair
245 Chair Right Seat Facing Right
245 Chair Left Seat Facing Left
280 Stone Bench
280 Stone Bench Right Seat Facing Right
280 Stone Bench Left Seat Facing Left
Cost (Copper) Selection Notes
325 Basket Bulk Storage
395 Dresser Bulk Storage
462 Storage Box Bulk Storage
512 Closet Bulk Storage
1021 Strong Box Bulk Storage
Cost (Copper) Selection Notes
1250 Statuette of Enid
1250 Statuette of Duach
1250 Statuette of Despothes
1250 Statuette of Mabon
1250 Statuette of Ephame
1250 Statuette of Finvarra
Cost (Copper) Selection Notes
10 Pink Surfboard
80 Green Floral Surfboard
400 Purple Floral Surfboard
2000 Blue Floral Surfboard
2000 Blue Arrow Surfboard
2000 Green Arrow Surfboard
2000 Purple Arrow Surfboard
5000 Tiki Torch Animated