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Sorcery is mainly comprised of Enhancement Spells, accompanied by three Damage Spells, and various utility spells (Home, Teleport, Dispel, Greater Identify, Unlock, etc.). Sorcery Damage Spells have no Damage Type that can be resisted with a protection spell (or increased with curse), and increase Damage very different than other Damage Spells. Sorcery is also home to the permanent Enhancement Spells (Enchant and Permanency).

Associated God: Ephame

Sorcery Spells
Name Effect Skill Level Duration Mana Cost
Home Teleports caster to house Familiar Instant 1
Killstar Deals damage to single target Familiar Instant 1
Dispel Magic Attempts to dispel magical effects on target Familiar Instant 1
Engrave Caster permanently changes name of one item within inventory Familiar Permanent 20
Unlock Drop only. Unlocks some chests Familiar Instant 1
Multiblade Deals damage to all enemies Proficient Instant 3
Gather the Fellowship Caster teleports party members to caster Proficient Instant 3
Cornucopia Creates food and water Proficient Instant 3
Improve armor Increases armor of target item Proficient 3
Teleport Caster teleports to target city Expert instant 5
Extension Extends duration of next spell cast by 50% Expert Instant 5
See invisibility Caster can see invisibile creatures Expert 5
Shift Caster randomly teleports within combat cloud when hit Expert 5
Invisibility Caster invisible for duration or until combat begins Expert 5
Combat Teleport Teleports caster to target location within battlefield Master 7
Teleport Group Teleports group to target city Master Instant 7
Permanency Next spell cast on item will permanently affect that item only. Chance to destroy item Master 500
Rust Deals damage to equipped weapon and armor durability of target Master 7
Defenselessness Reduces targets armor rating by 50% Master 7
Improved Invisibility Caster becomes invisible for duration Grand Master 9
Elphames Justice Drop only. Damages creatures that have a /bounty Grand Master Instant 20
Enchant Item Next spell cast on item will permanently affect that item and character. Chance to destroy item Grand Master Instant 1000
Greater Identify Drop Only. Reveals all stats of a cast upon item. Grand Master Instant 30
Mass Rust Attempts to cast Rust on all enemies also slows movement speed of all targets Grand Master Instant 14