Skill Level

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Skill Level indicates a character's progression through a Skill.

There are 5 base Skill Levels:

  • Skill Level 1: Familiar
  • Skill Level 2: Proficient
  • Skill Level 3: Expert
  • Skill Level 4: Master
  • Skill Level 5: Grand-Master

Note: Skill Level 5 is the maximum you can reach without Prestige Status. After a character uses a Prestige Trinket, a percentage of any remaining Build Points are converted into Copper currency, and all their skills are placed at Skill Level 5.

After a character receives Prestige status, higher Skill Levels are available:

  • Skill Level 6: Veteran
  • Skill Level 7: Not Released
  • Skill Level 8: Not Released

Note: Skill Level 6 is minimum requirement for Prestige Skills , Prestige Abilities , Prestige Spells.