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In TRO, Skills are determine how well your character uses any action relating to the skill.

  • Skills are advanced through learning (use) of Skill Books, Each book says it's requirements (Skill Level, Build Points, etc.) required to learn the book
  • Skills must be learned in ascending order
  • Every Character starts with a number of skills based on the chosen Profession
  • The higher your Skill Level in a specific skill, the more likely you are to succeed with a related action, the higher the possible damage with a related action, and the more you can learn (i.e. spells) relating to the skill
  • Each skill requires Build Points to learn
Short Sword Skill Acrobatics Skill Weaponsmith Skill
Long Sword Skill Maul Skill Armorsmith Skill
2-Handed Sword Skill Sorcery Skill Crafting Skill
Dagger Skill Elementalism Skill Pickpocketing Skill
Axe Skill Mysticism Skill Disarm Traps Skill
Club Skill Thaumaturgy Skill Lockpicking Skill
Mace Skill Necromancy Skill Meditation Skill
Unarmed Combat Skill Theurgism Skill Critical Strike Skill
Throwing Skill Alchemy Skill Shield Usage Skill