Prestige Spell

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Additional Spells are available for each level of Prestige. Prestige Spells cost no Build Points, and may require a specific Profession as well as Skill Level. These spells are only acquired through hunting, or other players (Find-Only).

Prestige Spells List:
Spell Name Spell Description Spell Circle / Profession Skill Level Required Prestige Requirement
Summon Elemental Summons one elemental for your party Elementalism 6 1
Poison Barrage Hits every opponent with a poison bolt Necromancy 6 1
Mass Heal Heals every member of your party Thaumaturgy 6 1
Thief's Haste Increases targets movement by a factor of two Thief / Sorcery 6 1
Adventurer's Adornment Grant's every party member 25% melee damage for (6 - 9 rounds) based on skill. 6-9 Adventurer / Sorcery 6 - 9 1 - 4
Mind Rot Reduces mysticism resistance by 10/20/30/40% based on skill. 6-9 Wizard / Mysticism 6 - 9 1 - 4