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Note: n=north, s=south, e=east, w=west

God Temples: (Click on Image for full size)
Main Hall Location Directions Notes
Temple of Despothes Temple of Despothes Wen: 3n, 14w Altar = West Leinser: 4n, 7e
Temple of Duach.png Temple of Duach Wen: 9s, 8w Altar = West Leinser: 3n, 6e
Temple of Elphame Temple of Elphame Usk: 8s, 3w Altar = West Leinser: 4n, 8e (left)
Temple of Enid Temple of Enid Silverbrook: 4s, 8w Altar = West Leinser: 3n, 8e
Finvarra's Temple Temple of Finvarra Kurz: 5n, 1w Altar = West Leinser: 4n, 8e (top)
Mabon's Temple Temple of Mabon Caer Fandry: 1w, 6n Altar = West Leinser: 4n, 8e (right)
Crypt of The Shrouded One The Shrouded Temple Avalon: 1w, 9n Noble Citizen Required
Seasonal: (Click on Image for full size)
Room Image Location Directions Notes
[[|link=|300px|]] Hallow's End Monmouth: 5e, 5s Seasonal - Fall
[[|link=|300px|]] Konge West of Ascetos Desert Seasonal - Fall
[[|link=|300px|]] Pumpkin Patch Murias: 2s, 4e and Usk: 2n, 3e Seasonal - Fall

Enter store, go out other door...

[[|link=|300px|]] Summer Festival (Beach) Monmouth: 5e, 6s Seasonal - Summer
MISC: (Click on Image for full size)
Room Image Location Directions Notes
Ascetos Caverns Ascetos Caverns Asgard: 2w, 2s Tracking Quest NPC
Ascetos Desert Fountain Ascetos Desert Fountain Arimathor: 7e, 8n Ascetos Desert
Dyana's Grove Dyana's Grove Drune: 5w, 6s Devon Forest
The Cow Pond The Cow Pond Monmouth: 9e, 3n Drear Valley (4 Rooms)
Emerald Forest Camp Emerald Forest Camp West Leinster: 1n, 1w, 9n, 1w Emerald Forest
Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Avalon: 1n, 2e Activate 'hidden' Lever

Noble Citizen Required

Jail House Jail House Better be good, or you will end up here! The only way out, is to serve your sentence!
Loch Murk Loch Murk Usk: 2s, 4w Winter Wold
Floating Pond Floating Pond Wen: 11w Wandering Woods (5 Rooms)
Warden's Pond Warden's Pond Murias: 11w Wandering Woods (8 Rooms)
Stephen's Garden Stephen's Garden West Leinser: 5n PW: kerguelen

Press 'hidden' button

Stonehenge Stonehenge Arimathor:11e, 16n Ascetos Desert
The Meadow The Meadow Silverbrook: 3s, 17e Drear Valley
The Memorial The Memorial East Leinster: Gatekeeper Activate Lever (3 Rooms)
The Oasis The Oasis Arimathor: 1n, 1e, 22n Ascetos Deep Desert
The Void The Void Avalon: 2w, 2n Activate 'hidden' lever
West Havenwood Fountain West Havenwood Fountain West Leinster: West Havenwood
Three Finger's Pond Three Finger's Pond Asgard: 8s The Wild Beyond (4 Rooms)