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Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are any Character (including Creatures) that are not controlled by a Player.

How to tell if it is a NPC:

  • The number of Hit Points a NPC currently has is always displayed beside their name (on the Health Bar), when the cursor is placed over their body
  • All NPCs that are not Creatures will show "(NPC)" next to their name, on the Health Bar
  • Click on the suspected NPC and click "Look At"...
    • NPCs show some Attributes that are useful for Combat
    • Player Character's show the same screens and buttons seen when a Player selects to "Look At" the character they are playing, but less information is visible (images of the character, the character's biography, and equipment is the only information visible to other player characters)

Note: Some Game Staff Characters may be Creatures that share some of these properties.