MTX Hair Dye

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MTX Hair Dyes are dye colors unique to the Sovereign Shop (

  • MTX Hair Dye can be used as any normal Hair Dye in the game
  • MTX Hair Dye can be traded between different characters and accounts
MTX Hair Dye that have been or are in the Sovereign Shop Item Rotation:
Blazing Orange Dreary Daffodil Dusk Green Envy Imperial Brown Lavender Lush
[Blazing Orange] Dreary Daffodil [Dusk] [Green Envy] [Imperial Brown] [Lavender Lush]
Majestic Turquoise Midnight Ocean Misty Emerald Mystic Magenta Powder Pink Roasted Spice
[Majestic Turquoise] [Midnight Ocean] [Misty Emerald] [Mystic Magenta] [Powder Pink] [Roasted Spice]
Sassy Blond Scarlet Saffron Shadow Smoldering Orange Strawberry Lemonade
[Sassy Blond] [Scarlet Saffron] [Shadow Hair] [Smoldering Orange] [Strawberry Lemonade]