MTX Hair Dye

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MTX Hair Dyes are dye colors unique to the Sovereign Shop (

  • MTX Hair Dye can be used as any normal Hair Dye in the game
  • MTX Hair Dye can be traded between different characters and accounts
MTX Hair Dye that have been or are in the Sovereign Shop Item Rotation:
Blazing Orange Hair Dye.png Dreary Daffodil Hair Dye.png 50px Green Envy Hair Dye.png Imperial Brown Hair Dye.png Lavender Lush Hair Dye.png
Blazing Orange Dreary Daffodil Dusk Green Envy Imperial Brown Lavender Lush
Majestic Turquoise Hair Dye.png Midnight Ocean Hair Dye.png Misty Emerald Hair Dye.png Mystic Magenta Hair Dye.png Powder Pink Hair Dye.png Roasted Spice Hair Dye.png
Majestic Turquoise Midnight Ocean Misty Emerald Mystic Magenta Powder Pink Roasted Spice
Sassy Blond Hair Dye.png Scarlet Saffron Hair Dye.png Shadow Hair Dye.png Smoldering Orange Hair Dye.png Strawberry Lemonade Hair Dye.png
Sassy Blond Scarlet Saffron Shadow Hair Smoldering Orange Strawberry Lemonade