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For one day each week the following Zones will offer an additional 75% (1.75x) experience for enemies killed, to any character that is a Noble Citizen.

  • This bonus DOES stack with the Noble Citizen group exp bonus.
  • The Day changes occur ~12:00 PM ET.

Note: (n=north, s=south, e=east, w=west)

Day Zone Cave Directions
Monday Tor's Crypt East Leinster: 1e, 7s, 3w
Emerald Forest Caer Fandry: 1w
Enid's Safe Haven Silverbrook: 2n, 6w
Imp City Caer Fandry: 9n
Wandering Woods Asgard: 1e
Dark Forest Avalon: 4n
Imp Haven Asgard: 11e, 4n
Drear Valley Monmouth: 8e
Ascetos Desert Asgard: 1w,1n or

Arimathor: 3e

Greater Hive Asgard: 3w, 12n
Heroic Snake Pit Drune: 3s, 14e (1s from Snake Pit)
Dragon Pit Wen: 6n, 13e
Tuesday Rat's Nest East Leinster: 2e, 6s
West Havenwood West Leinster: 1n, 1w
The Labyrinth East Leinster: 14e, 3s
Troll's Haven West Leinster: 5n, 3e, 6n
Devon Forest Drune: 1w
Forest of Death Kurz: 12e, 2s
The Barrens Drune: 4e or

Silverbrook: 6e

Snake Pit Drune: 2s, 14e
Avalon Grasslands Avalon: 4e, 3s
The Maze Drune: 6w, 13n
Fuloran's Abode Usk: 3e, 10s
Heroic Daemon Home Drune: 4w, 5n (1s from Daemon Home)
Wednesday Lesser Hive West Leinster: 1n, 4w, 3n
Bloodwood Kurz: 1e, 4s
Faery Caverns West Leinster: 3e, 3s, 4e
Wexfordshire Valley Murias: 1n
Killing Fields Kurz: 6e
Avalon Heights Avalon: 3e
The Barracks Drune: 8n, 3e
Heroic Forgotten Dungeon Kurz: 9e, 6s (1s from Forgotten Dungeon)
Holy Caves Drune: 11n, 9w
Hallow's End (Seasonal) Monmouth: 5e, 5s
Thursday Targoth's Tomb Kurz: 6w
Troll's Hideaway Kurz: 1e, 7s
Leinster/Kurz Road Kurz: 1w
Fenris Cave Caer Faundry: 5s
The Wild Beyond Wen: 4s
Tulor's Caverns Silverbrook: 2n, 11e

Drune: 4e, enter tent, 1s, 4e

Avalon Mountains Avalon: 3w, 1s
Heroic The Barracks Drune: 7n, 3e (1s of The Barracks)
Heroic The Foundry Silverbrook: 16e, 7n (3w, 7n from The Foundry)
Friday The Unknown East Leinster: 1e
Avalon River Avalon: 3n
North Havenwood East Leinster: 3w, 1n
Festering Hate Pool Wen: 6n, 6e
Winter Wold Usk: 2s
Ocean View Avalon: 6w
Naktos' Morgue West Leinster: 3e,4s, 2w
Undead Stronghold Wen: 4n, 7w
Heroic Fuloran's Abode Usk: 13s, 8e (3s, 5e from Fuloran's Abode)
Heroic Tulor's Caverns Silverbrook: 1n, 11e (1s from Tulor's Caverns)
Saturday Ratling Run East Leinster: 2e
Ogre Caverns Caer Fandry: 1e, 12s, 1e
Church of Damnation Wen: 1s, 1e, 8s
Zender's Woods Wen: 2n
Avalon Plains Avalon: 4n, 2w and

Avalon: 4n, 3e

Daemon Home Drune: 4w, 6n
The Underground Avalon: 1s, 6e
Forgotten Dungeon Kurz: 9e, 5s
Heroic Undead Stronghold Wen: 3n, 7w (1s of Undead Stronghold)
Fafnir's Swamp Wen: 8e
Sunday South Havenwood West Leinster: 3e, 1s
Thieve's Hole Drune: 1s, 11w
Warrior's Abode Drune: 6s
The Downs Monmouth: 1e, 1n
Avalon Dunes Avalon: 2s
Ascetos Deep Desert Arimathor: 1w, 15n
The Foundry Silverbrook: 19e
The Dig Avalon: 1l (enter), 1l, 6u, 1l, 2u, 1r
Crystal Caverns Avalon: 1l (enter cave)
Anvil Arimathor: 4w, 25n
Heroic Imp Haven Asgard: 11e, 3n (1s from Imp Haven)
Konge (Seasonal)