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Thaumaturgy is comprised mainly of healing and protection Spells, accompanied by Summon Creature Spells, and two Damage Spells. The two damage spells in this school (Light Dart and Wrath of Gods) do greater damage vs creatures with lower (evil) alignment.

Associated God: Enid

Thaumaturgy Spells
Name Effect Skill Level Duration Mana Cost
Light Dart Damages single target Familiar Instant 1
Nimbility Dexterity Bonus Familiar 1
Empower Strength Bonus Proficient 3
Missile Resistance Added protection from ranged attacks Proficient 3
Heal Restores hitpoints Proficient Instant 3
Summon Pixie Summons Pixie to fight for the caster Proficient Instant 5
Purify Reduces accumulated poison Proficient Instant 3
Cure Poison Cures Poison Expert instant 9
Greater Heal Restores hitpoints Expert Instant 5
Remove Curse Decurses an item Expert Instant 10
Summon Faery Summons Faery to fight for the caster Expert Instant 10
Shield Reduces melee damage taken Expert Instant 5
Greater Shield Reduces melee damage taken Master 7
Wrath of the Gods Deals damage to all foes in the room, double to evil. Master Instant 15
Fire Shield Reduces fire damage taken Master 7
Cold Shield Reduces cold damage taken Master 7
Poison Shield Reduces poison damage taken Master 7
Lightning Shield Reduces lightning damage taken Master 7
Acid Shield Reduces acid damage taken Master 7
Summon Nymph Summons Nymph to fight for the caster Master Instant 15
Regeneration chance to heal 2-4% of maximum health per round Master 7
Indestruction Reduces damage dealt to affected equipment Grand Master 9
Invulnerability Absorbs % of damage, reduces by 2% for every hit taken. Grand Master Instant 20
Banishment All enemy summoned creatures are destroyed. Grand Master Instant 18
Summon Faery Queen Summons Faery Queen to fight for the caster Grand Master Instant 20
Enid's Blessing Drop only. Affects entire party. Heals all damage, and cures poison Grand Master Instant 1500