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In TRO, Skills are determine how well your character uses any action relating to the skill.

  • Skills are advanced through learning (use) of Skill Books, Each book says it's requirements (Skill Level, Build Points, etc.) required to learn the book
  • Skills must be learned in ascending order
  • Every Character starts with a number of skills based on the chosen Class
  • The higher your Skill Level in a specific skill, the more likely you are to succeed with a related action, the higher the possible damage with a related action, and the more you can learn (i.e. spells) relating to the skill
  • Each skill requires Build Points to learn
Short Sword Acrobatics Weaponsmith
Long Sword Maul Armorsmith
2-Handed Sword Sorcery Crafting
Dagger Elementalism Pickpocketing
Axe Mysticism Disarm Traps
Club Thaumaturgy Lockpicking
Mace Necromancy Meditation
Unarmed Combat Theurgism Critical Strike
Throwing Alchemy Shield Usage