Prestige Skill

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Each Prestige Level will unlock the next set of Prestige Skills. Example: Prestige 1 unlocks Veteran Level Skills (Skill Level 6) Each skill has an associated profession, skills within your profession cost 10 build points, skills outside of your profession cost 15 build points. Adventurers skills cost a flat 10 build points.

Prestige Skill List:
Skill Name Skill Profession (class)
Two-Handed Swords Warrior
Clubs Warrior
Mauls Warrior
Maces Warrior
Shield Warrior
Dagger Thief
Throwing Dagger Thief
Claw Thief
Critical Strike Thief
Dodge Thief
Sorcery Wizard
Elementalism Wizard
Thaumaturgy Wizard
Mysticism Wizard
Necromancy Wizard
Meditation Wizard