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Levels are representations of a character's Experience (power) and Skill. Each character will gain 1 level for every 10'000 Experience earned, until they reach the level maximum of 1000.

  • Every level characters will receive an increase in maximum Hit Points
     * Hit Points = (Current Level x Endurance) + (2 x Endurance)
  • As level increases so does the character's effectiveness (damage with spells and weapons, duration of spells, etc.)
  • Every level gained reduces the Experience earned from each opponent
  • Until level 1000 is reached, characters received 1 Build Point per level to learn Skills with
  • After 1000 levels, Noble Citizens can use a Prestige Trinket to revert back to level 1, and unlock new: Zones, Skill Levels, Skills, etc. (see Noble Citizen for details)